Safety increases the value of organisations

Our daily commitment is to shape a future defined by integrity, innovation, and profound respect for people and our planet. We firmly believe that business development is not only measured in terms of financial growth, profits, or sales volume, but also in the positive impact we achieve.

As a certified B Corp company, we proactively tackle sustainability and social responsibility challenges, integrating ESG principles at the core of our mission. We go beyond offering services; we aspire to be catalysts for tangible positive change in the community and the environment.

We acknowledgethat our team is the cornerstone of our organisation, which motivates us to promote policies that support an optimal balance between professional development and personal life. We advocate for equality, fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment where every individual is heard and their contribution is valued. We encourage active participation and continuous improvement through an ongoing cycle of feedback and professional development.

We operate under comprehensive and transparent governance, and our strong commitment to ESG criteria is evident in every action we take. From reducing our carbon footprint to adopting sustainable technologies, we tirelessly pursue excellence and environmental efficiency. At AIRBOX, we strive not only to meet ESG standards but to raise them, thus setting new sustainability goals for our company and the entire sector.